The following article was published today in the Richmond Hill Liberal about As the Ink Flows, a book that I contributed to alongside several other friends:

Some writers might not think it auspicious that a new book be published on April Fool’s Day, but five writers from York Region are thrilled their book, As The Ink Flows, will be a reality on April 1.

The aim of the book is to “inspire writers” according to one of the five, Melony Teague of Oak Ridges.

“It is a rare thing to have writers work together on a project in such harmony,” noted Teague, who has also written columns for York Region Media newspapers.

“We are from different backgrounds and age groups, but have formed a strong bond both as friends and as writers. We all have such different styles, but blend together well.”

The book began life in the home of Newmarket’s Carol Ford back in the fall of 2012, where she started a writers’ group.

One member, Stouffville’s Glenda Dekkema, asked if anyone wanted to join her in a writing contest. Teague agreed, and as the two started working on their creation, they discussed it with the other group members.

Marguerite Cummings of Richmond Hill was inspired to write several poems, and Ford and Claudia Loopstra of King Township added some of their creativity to the mix.

And as fate would have it, the women decided not to enter the original writing contest after all, but to make their collaboration into a book and attempt to find a publisher.

That was a lengthy and challenging quest.

“Our collaboration on the book has given us insight into the multiple stages and challenges of getting a book published. We sent out our book proposal to over 30 publishers listed in a writer’s marketing guide and from that we were offered a publishing agreement from Judson Press,” said Ford.

So, no easy task to write a book or make it a reality of front and back covers with spine holding together pages of printed words representing hopes and dreams.

The secondary headline of the book is “Devotions to Inspire Christian Writers & Speakers” and that is a key aim of the group.

“The talents, perseverance and faith of my friends in our writers’ group inspire me to become a better writer,” wrote Dekkema, or as Cummings wrote in a similar vein: “To me, this book is all about the power of partnership: partnering with one another at each stage of the book…”

The creative process inspired group members in other ways, as well.

“Being part of a writers’ group spurred me on to complete my memoir. The experience of being with like-minded women expanded my knowledge with respect to the craft of writing,” wrote Loopstra.

If all this hasn’t piqued your interest yet, consider this glowing statement by Laura Alden, publisher of Judson Press: “This book is a testament to the skill of these authors — five of them! — who committed to work together to help others navigate the spiritual ups and downs of becoming and being a writer. The reader is the winner, as the book contains a variety of voices, themes and styles as well as the personal stories of each author.”

As The Ink Flows is available through the publisher or Amazon.

Congratulations to these York Region writers, on their publishing success.

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