This is a touching story written by a daughter who took care of her mother after her Mom had been stricken with Alzheimer’s.

In Lynn Smith’s experience, she watched the silent thief steal away her mom’s memory – the very thing that told her who she was, who she was with and how she got to where she was. Without having knowledge of this, she witnessed her mother’s gnawing anguish. Lynn explains to the reader how she lost her mother  ‘inch by inch’ into the abyss of forgetfulness’.

As a woman of faith, Lynn grappled with the question of where God was during her mother’s downward descent into dementia. She began to learn that ‘yes’ she could trust God as revealed in His word and as He asked her to do. Lynn also came to surrender her mother to Him. She was aware that God’s character reflected wisdom, mercy and grace. During this time Lynn began to understand that God would help her in the caring of her mother and also of herself as she travelled this difficult road.

Lynn’s story brings the reader to a greater knowledge of the caregiver’s role and also the lessons she herself learned along the way.