I am pleased to announce that Redemptive Love: Living with an Alcoholic Father, has been been released by Joshua Press.

Book Summary: As a twelve-year-old girl, Claudia witnesses the detrimental effects of her father’s alcoholism. Redemptive Love traces Claudia’s life as she deals with the shame, confusion and pain of growing up surrounded by secrets. She manages day to day by quietly internalizing her home life; her mother and brothers find other ways to cope.

Through a life-changing experience when Claudia is a young mother, she is given inner strength to pursue a relationship with her father and work through some of the confusion and hurts of the past. As Claudia finds peace through forgiveness, she comes to know the grace and magnitude of a heavenly Father’s love.

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Endorsements for Redemptive Love

“It took courage to live this story and courage to write it. Claudia has opened up a dark secret to reveal a more beautiful secret only God could show her.” Hilary Price, International Speaker, Author and Bible Teacher

“Claudia Loopstra takes the reader on a fascinating odyssey from her childhood to becoming a committed woman of God. She does not “sugar-coat” her journey, but rather presents us with all of the real-world problems that confront so many in our time. This is a story of the triumph of grace in the lives of sinners and some of the very hard and harsh realities that confront mankind. You will laugh, cry, be angry, and rejoice as you read the pages of Claudia’s pilgrimage.” Dr. Ron Gleason, Pastor/Author

Redemptive Love is a deeply intimate, emotional, and personal story of the power of gospel love. Claudia’s intense and detailed portrayal of growing up in a household with an alcoholic father will resonate with many readers who have suffered the same experience. This biographical account will aid and assist many who are searching and struggling to find hope. This excellent work is proof that only the power of Christ can overcome the ravages of sin and only our hope in the message of true redemptive love can save us from its eternal consequences. Steven J. Lawson, President, OnePassion Ministries, Dallas, TX

A truly inspirational and moving read! Claudia takes us on a journey through her life that touches the full range of human emotion. She shares her traumas and challenges as well as her achievements and victories as we witness her psychological and spiritual development. Dr. Deborah Nixon, Psychologist