He stood behind me with scissors in hand; ready to work his magic on my hair. I looked at his reflection in the mirror.
“How’s Kristina, Al?”
My hair stylist paused and looked down at the scissors he held in his hand.
“I just got a call from my wife. She’s on the way to the hospital with her. They think she’ll be there for ten days.”
Four years prior, when Kristina was six years old, she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. A tumor had been located behind her heart and close to her spine. On and off, she had spent the next two years in the Hospital for Sick Kids. It didn’t look good for Al’s first child.
Although, she went into remission for awhile, the cancer returned a second time. Back into the hospital she went for further treatment. Again, she went into remission.
“Kristina’s a fighter. She has a strong faith in God. She’s taught me a lot,” said Al.
Initially, when Kristina was diagnosed, Al had been angry with God–raging over the injustice of his child having a disease that could potentially end her life at an early age.
Although Al believed in God, he hadn’t experienced a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Not fortified with God’s word tucked tightly within his heart, Al moved further away. Kristina’s faith remained as she, her mother Cindy, and her younger sister Lily, attended church together. Al sporadically attended with them.
He raged on.
For a third time, in the spring of 2015, Kristina’s cancer came back. It had moved into her brain. But something else happened in the spring of that year–her father became a committed Christian.
Al conveyed to me that one day while visiting Kristina in the hospital, he had felt the presence of God as he stood watching Kristina as she lay on her bed. He couldn’t explain exactly what happened, but “the feeling was powerful”. The Holy Spirit breathed life into Al and God became a reality.