Why I Write

The following is an interview I had with Canadian Christians Who Write that explains more of my background and the reasons I write:

Who are you? How would you describe yourself?

I am a wife, mother, grandmother and writer. At the present time I am focused on completing my non-fiction book I Know my Father. This memoir is about the struggles of growing up with a depressive, alcoholic father. When I became a committed Christian in 1985, I wrote my first piece. Although, it was a speech, it was my first attempt to write something that wasn’t a school assignment. It was my personal testimony of faith.

Why do you write?

I write because I want others, particularly those who have lived with an alcoholic parent, to know about the wonder of God’s grace and forgiveness. When I accepted Christ as my personal Saviour, God transformed my life. His forgiveness of my sins enabled me to forgive my father for the pain he had inflicted upon me and my family. Forgiveness also allowed the love I had once felt for my father to be restored.

What do you write about?

I was a relatively new Christian when I told my Road to Damascus experience to another Christian lady. She encouraged me to write out my testimony and send it into Christian Women’s Club. I depended on the Lord for guidance but wondered why he would want me to do something that I wouldn’t be good at? Me speak? I was urged to trust him. I did. Shortly after that I began speaking for the Christian Women’s Club across Ontario. I felt blessed many times over as I spoke about Jesus and how my life had been transformed. During those years, I went to university and studied psychology and photography. After I graduated, I began giving topical seminars at conferences. I was back to writing.

We are all one-of-a-kind, and there is no one else who can write what we write. What is the uniqueness that you bring to your writing?

I believe I give people a clear understanding of the injured heart. Because many of my experiences with my father were devastating, I inject humour, every so often, so readers are not over-burdened with sorrow. I don’t want to pull readers down. There is so much hope in my story but readers have to go through the trenches with me before that hope is revealed.

How has writing changed you?

I look back on the years before I knew Jesus, and I marvel at the personal changes that I have experienced. Before I became a Christian, I had little self-confidence. Now I see what God has done in my life and how He has encouraged me to be bold about my faith through my ability to write.

What has writing taught you about yourself, life, faith?

Writing has taught me to think at a deeper level about the things of God. I listen more attentively for lessons to be learned—lessons I may share with others through mystories, devotionals and poetry.

Jesus came a-calling.
His soft voice wasn’t heard
Until I saw Him on the cross—
Then I knew He was the Word.

Memories were clouded
So much I didn’t see
No ear to hear or understand,
But Lord Jesus welcomed me.

All my sins forgiven,
The burden of my past
Was lifted high to set me free—
I was blessed and loved at last.